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KW Prep


Continuing Education


No matter where you are in your journey, KSCORE offers something for you.


As provided by Kaplan Real Estate Education* and where available, this fully digital prelicensing curriculum makes a career in real estate more accessible than ever before. With zero costs to you and self-paced instruction, the course can be completed at your own speed and adapted to your own schedule, as allowed by state law, eliminating the biggest initial barriers to having your own real estate business.

Continuing Education

Unlock a robust library of the state-approved continuing education courses, as provided by Kaplan Real Estate Education* and where available. KW agents receive discounted access to all continuing education courses.

KW Prep

This game-changing program – free to you –  offers business development strategies that support aspiring and existing real estate agents alike. Composed of tools, tips and coaching taken from KW’s award-winning training, KW prep delivers the practical real world application needed for you to step into your real estate career with confidence or drive your existing business forward.

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Keller Successful Career Opportunities in Real Estate (KSCORE) and Keller Williams Realty, Inc. (collectively, “KW”) does not offer pre-licensing (PL) and continuing education (CE) courses in any state; Kaplan Real Estate Education is the state-approved education provider and developer of pre-licensing and continuing education courses. KW encourages individuals to pursue a career in real estate by funding their pre-licensing courses. Please find Kaplan’s specific state approval information here. In Iowa, KSCORE offers financial assistance for 60 PL course-hours; the student must pay for any additional required PL course-hours. TREC Provider #4546 (PL) and #31 (CE). Any questions regarding PL and CE course content or technology should be directed to Kaplan Real Estate Education.

**KW Prep is not approved by any state regulatory agency to satisfy the required prelicensing or continuing education requirements for real estate agents or brokers. This Keller Williams Realty, Inc. program is not a recognized educational institution for higher education or an accredited school, and it does not offer courses for credit. KW Prep is designed to help set individuals up for success in their real estate career.